21 Virtual Assistant Companies for Small Business Help

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Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent professionals who assist businesses with administrative, business development, social media, marketing, and other tasks. They provide valuable support by taking on recurring tasks and freeing up time for businesses to focus on strategic goals. With the rise of the internet, businesses can now outsource their processes to VAs located anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical space, training, and equipment.

VAs can handle a wide range of tasks such as database management, accounting, marketing, and data entry. They are experienced professionals vetted by their respective agencies, and some may have industry-specific skills that make them ideal for specific business needs. Hiring VAs allows businesses to reduce capital needs and scale their workforce as required.

To find the right VA for your business, several virtual assistant companies offer their services. These companies provide general or industry-specific assistance. Here is a list of virtual assistant companies:

  1. Work Better Now: Offers dedicated assistants for 40 hours per week with no contracts or cancellation fees.
  2. FlexJobs: An online job board listing flexible work-from-home opportunities.
  3. Prialto: Provides virtual administrative assistants to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses.
  4. MyOutDesk: Offers pre-screened virtual assistants for the real estate industry.
  5. Time Doctor: Provides time tracking services to improve collaboration among virtual teams.
  6. Virtual Assistant Talent: Provides virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and small business owners.
  7. WoodBows: Offers top-tier virtual assistants with dedicated account managers and daily status updates.
  8. Surplus Hands: Provides virtual assistants, web design, and digital marketing services.
  9. Upwork: A global freelancing platform connecting businesses with independent professionals.
  10. BELAY: Offers virtual assistants, virtual bookkeeping, content writing, and web maintenance services.
  11. Virtalent: UK-based company catering to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  12. 24/7 Virtual Assistant: Provides professional virtual assistant services, including administrative support.
  13. Magic: Offers text-based personal assistant services for various tasks.
  14. TaskBullet: Offers a Bucket System with no monthly bills or contracts, providing flexibility and accountability.
  15. Virtual Assist USA: Provides skilled virtual assistants in various disciplines with no monthly minimums.
  16. MyTasker: Offers a wide range of virtual assistant services, including telemarketing and content writing.
  17. Virtual Employee: Helps companies save costs by providing highly qualified virtual assistants for various tasks.
  18. Hello Rache: Provides virtual assistants specialized in the healthcare/medical field.
  19. Virtual Latinos: Connects entrepreneurs with bilingual virtual assistants and marketers from Latin America.
  20. Duext: Specializes in recruiting, training, and overseeing outsourced representatives for various tasks.
  21. Elite Virtual Assistants: Provides virtual assistants and virtual staffing services, including legal assistance.

Virtual assistants can be valuable assets for businesses, offering increased efficiency, scalability, cost savings, and flexibility. By delegating mundane tasks to VAs, businesses can focus on important strategic initiatives. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to enhance your company’s productivity and success.

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